Fashion Madness | Updating You | New Life Chapter & Weekly Fashion Series
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Updating You | New Life Chapter & Weekly Fashion Series

– S U B S C R I B E : –

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– F A C E B O O K: –


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Thank you so much for watching & for your support! Love you always! xx

  • bonbonzz
    Posted at 13:25h, 28 April

    Sounds like you had a rough time, hope things are better now. I missed your videos, glad to have you back 🙂

  • dawn melia
    Posted at 13:32h, 28 April

    This is crazy.. I was thinking about you yesterday and here you are today ?SO HAPPY YOU ARE BACK!!!

  • Elis Kalo
    Posted at 13:50h, 28 April

    Welcome back Kayleena!!!! 😀

  • Caroline Mannion
    Posted at 14:02h, 28 April

    I'm so happy that you're back!!!!!! ???

  • Lights Camera Hiliary
    Posted at 14:03h, 28 April

    I am so sorry for your loss… I had know idea you were going through any of this.. my heart goes out to you! I'm so glad you are back to Youtube & things are going better now for you. Missed you! looking forward to more videos <3

  • Alba Meca
    Posted at 14:51h, 28 April

    You're amazing and very strong! I'm happy you're back! ?

  • Kyra Hackworth
    Posted at 15:03h, 28 April

    if course I remember you! you're AMAZING! Glad to see you're beautiful face!????

  • Anna070794
    Posted at 15:21h, 28 April

    Welcome back 🙂 looking forward to what you'll be posting in the future, take your time x

  • Edyta Buciakowska
    Posted at 15:48h, 28 April

    I'm happy you're back! 🙂

  • TheIsyk
    Posted at 15:58h, 28 April

    Kayleena! I am so excited that you are back and are at a happy place right now. You are still in my prayers and thoughts and I hope that your little YT family can help you feel good on those bad days. You truly are an inspiration to me (and I'm sure others) xx

  • Kimberley Quegan
    Posted at 16:32h, 28 April

    Just know that your fans haven't abandoned you on youtube. I was worried about where you'd gone but I knew you would come back when you were ready. Love from the UK.

  • Sophie Steele
    Posted at 19:06h, 28 April

    YAY so so so happy to see ur beautiful face again!!!!??? i missed u so much!! so glad ur doing well!!

  • true beauty
    Posted at 19:20h, 28 April

    we missed u and so proud if u I moved from Boston to Las Vegas welcome to sunshine! u still have all your dogs?

  • Georgia Ruddle
    Posted at 20:41h, 28 April

    I am so happy you are back! thanks for the update and sharing your life with us! I wish you nothing but the best ?

  • Lisa
    Posted at 20:44h, 28 April

    We don't really know you just by watching your videos, but you seem to be a really great person. I wish you all the best on your way and I'm looking forward to see new videos.
    Lots of love from Germany.

    Posted at 22:10h, 28 April

    Hey girl, so happy to have you back! You look amazing!! ❤️ x

  • Laura Reynolds
    Posted at 22:40h, 28 April

    Yay your back xx

  • Bethany Elle
    Posted at 23:15h, 28 April

    I'm so happy you're back! Missed you ?

  • Nantia Panagiotou
    Posted at 23:43h, 28 April

    Oh my god you`re back Kayleena!!!!!! l missed you so so so much!!!!!!!!Kαλως ηρθες πανεμορφο κοριτσι!(welcome beautiful girl).

  • Lucy Ruiz
    Posted at 01:35h, 29 April

    Welcome back beautiful ?❤️ I'm so happy you are back ??

  • Valerie S
    Posted at 02:35h, 29 April

    Welcome to sunny FLA Kayleena! ? I'm a fellow Northern Girl transplant myself to Orlando. It was a warmer than usual winter here this year, ….get ready for summer!!! tho, it's kinda already arrived. Best of luck to you and ensuing endeavors… Life is an adventure for sure, so put your seat belt on, we're all here with you chickee????

  • Flavia T
    Posted at 03:08h, 29 April

    Welcome my dear and I am so happy that you are going to start making videos again, God Bless you,

  • Elisabeth Porter
    Posted at 04:34h, 29 April

    WELCOME BACK <3 <3 <3

  • Desiree Leppard
    Posted at 04:46h, 29 April

    I love you and support you! Unconditionally! Thankyou for this video!

  • Desiree Leppard
    Posted at 04:59h, 29 April

    You are an amazing women..I don't make YouTube videos because I'm too afraid. Good for you! You do it! I still watch your videos and am inspired by you! Everything will be ok

  • Barbara Lorenzana
    Posted at 05:35h, 29 April

    I'm so sorry that you had to deal with so much…sometimes you have to deal with issues personally to grow but I'm so happy you are back i really love your style

  • Sarah Betz
    Posted at 02:21h, 01 May

    I missed your videos! Welcome back. Glad you are in a better place and doing well.

  • Christine Mooney
    Posted at 05:20h, 01 May

    So nice to see you! I missed your videos! 😀

  • Maria Henningsen
    Posted at 19:02h, 01 May

    Happy you are back! I have missed your videos so much! You Are my style inspiration 🙂 happy that you Are Doing better!!

  • Birdy
    Posted at 08:09h, 02 May

    so happy that u r back ur content is awesome n plz continue it ??

  • Anne Missall
    Posted at 16:32h, 03 May

    Welcome back! You are one cool chick.

  • Aleks s
    Posted at 18:06h, 03 May

    really missed you Kayleena! happy that you are back now 🙂

  • Olena Semenova
    Posted at 21:13h, 04 May

    You didn't tell us about your move to Miami! That's a big change!

  • Beth Levenstein
    Posted at 01:18h, 05 May

    Happy you are back. One step at a time is all you can do. What you have gone through will make you stronger, best wishes.

  • Bumble bee 23
    Posted at 06:07h, 06 May

    We missed you!!!! So glad your back!!!!!

  • Ravin Norbury
    Posted at 01:36h, 07 May

    So glad that you are back on camera!I have missed your fashion knowledge so much!I am praying for you and hope that you will be able to inspire others and continue to entertain us with your fashion advice.?

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