Fashion Madness | Tower of the Faces
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Tower of the Faces

#shopping #glam #instastyle #fashion #makeup #style

Photographs always only capture a moment and never a reality. Especially in Fashion-Photography, they present us immages of people that you will never meet in Person. One step out of the studio they are totally different Persons. As photograpy is a two-dimension immage of the reality as is it taken out of any time context. As you push the trigger, you create a picture, that will always stay the same. Meanwhile the reality will always change and progress.
This work brings a lot of photographed faces, primarly out of fashion magasins, into a new context, in a new time (represented by the marble) and tells new stories. It also brings 2d Photographs back into a 3-dimensional room. As you whatch this video you will realize, that the object has 4 sides that each create a completely different picture. Each side makes an own statement, still all sides work together and a single movement on one side only works, connected to the whole machienery.

Elia Hvalič

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