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PhotoPlexStudios PaulHuPhotoPromo

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Wong & Company LLC and Paul Hu with Photoplex Studios teamed up today for a collaborative Shoot!

Photoplex Studios is a member-based photographic studio and graphic design center providing an upscale, yet affordable, facility that offers its members, and clients, a wide variety of resources for an ideal working environment.

We also offer photography and digital imaging educational programs. Classes, workshops and mentoring events provide photographers, and digital graphic artists practical hands-on experience.

Over the years, Paul has been involved with photography on and off until the 1990’s. From that time onwards, Paul’s photography interest really started to take off. Paul’s interest in photography has been God’s creation of nature and landscape. Over the years, Paul has captured thousands and thousands of images of nature and landscape.

In 2003, one of Paul’s photography friends convinced him to take a class in glamour photography. Paul was reluctant at first, but then decide to sign up for the class. For the next two years, Paul invested a lot of his time and money attending photographic schools, seminars, and workshops, learning glamour, beauty, and fashion photography.

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Paul is currently a freelance photographer with several magazines and multi-media firms. He is also the cover search photographer for several swimsuit companies.

Paul holds fashion and glamour workshops, helping both aspiring models and photographers building their portfolio.

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Wong & Company, LLC

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