Fashion Madness | Nicole Becker of Accessory Headquarters – Fashion Is More Than Design
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Nicole Becker of Accessory Headquarters – Fashion Is More Than Design

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In this interview you will meet Nicole Becker of AHQ (Accessory Headquarters) VP of sales, merchandising, and brand management.

We recently went to the AHQ showroom at the New Mart Building in Downtown LA to explore their collections. While there we learned how AHQ uses data analytics to bring better product to their customers, also their ecommerce challenges and revelations, as well as Nicole’s background in the business.

Nicole has aspirations for continuing education, and talks about how FIDM’s Product Development program changed her career path, and eventually got her into the Art Department.

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Full-length Podcast Interview available on iTunes: New Mart Network

Photography/Cinematography: Eric Malczewski
Video Editing: Eric Malczewski
Podcast Editing: Eric Malczewski
Music Credit:
Producer/Interviewer: Ashleigh Kaspszak

New Mart Network

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