Fashion Madness | My Lush Ultimate Birthday Haul!!! Taurus Season
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My Lush Ultimate Birthday Haul!!! Taurus Season

Hello Everyone!

I am complete Lushie. Lush is my life at the moment. I am genuinely obsessed with this place. A few months ago I was noticed they created a new body scrub called “Scrubee” and I literally waited months for it to get here, page and bought seven. Also it was my birthday on April 28th so I did a massive Lush hall. This is most of the stuff that I purchased. Thank you so much for watching my channel!

I am a intellectual property attorney who has given herself an online moniker so I can pursue my dreams of makeup, try beauty, try fashion, photography, travel, blogging, vlogging and entertainment law.

I also make music on soundcloud.

Check out my website that is being developed so you can discover all things Lena!

Thank you so much for taking the time to watch, and I hope to see you soon!


Lena London XO

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