Fashion Madness | Gossip Girl 4 My Bestie – Android gameplay Dress Up Games! Games Movie apps
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Gossip Girl 4 My Bestie – Android gameplay Dress Up Games! Games Movie apps

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Gossip Girl 4: My Bestie
Dress Up Games!

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Hi, I am Serena Miller. I used to be a normal high school student. But something happened. I got tangled into Regina, who used to be the Prom Queen of the school, and her boyfriend Nate’s affair. My best friend told me I couldn’t let Regina bully me. I need to protect myself. So I was at the annual prom party with Nate as his date last night. This is my fresh start. As the new girl, I am not gonna let Regina push me over. And beyond everyone’s expectation, I defeated Regina and made it as the Prom Queen. I also made a new friend at the party. Her name is Katie. This is a good start for me.

Download now you play the Gossip Girl 4.

Product Features:
*After the prom party, I could feel everyone looking at me differently.
-Makeup and dressup like a real prom queen
* What a coincidence. Katie and I are both attending Professor William’s class.
– Sit with your new friend and have some girls’ chatting
* Go shopping with your new friend
– Try some new hairstyle
-Tons of fashion clothes in the shop for you to choose
* Have a cup of coffee after exhausted shopping
– Share your secret with your new friend over a coffee
*Back home after this happy afternoon
*Oops! Check your phone, there is something happen!
* Call your best friend asking for help but……..
What did happen to Serena after shopping with Katie?
Serena is calling Elaine but….there are more stories waiting for you.
Please download it and check what happened to them
Having problems? Any suggestions? We would love to hear from you!

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